Can I Buy a Property In Spain After Brexit?

Britons will still be able to buy a property in Spain after Brexit

If you are a UK national and intend to move to Spain in 2020, one question you may be asking is can I buy a property in Spain after Brexit.

The short answer is ‘yes’ – and many property agents in Spain are reporting an upswing in enquiries from the UK from people looking to get a foothold in Spain while it’s still straightforward to do so.

However, as far as buying a property is concerned, there’s no need to panic as Spain has always had a relatively liberal policy when it comes to foreigners investing in property in Spain and it will still be possible to buy property in Spain after Brexit. As long as someone is able to pay the price of the property, they are able to purchase a property in Spain.

So even as non-EU citizens, British people will be able to purchase property like people from elsewhere outside of the EU. The key difference will be whether you intend to live permanently in Spain, and the uncertainty about what options will be available to UK national after 2021, is the key reason why people who want to live in Spain are moving their plans forward now before the regulations change.

Authoritative Reading About Living in Spain Post Brexit

We’re not going to try to go into detail about living in Spain post Brexit as, at the time of writing (February 2020) there are still many unknowns, the best thing for us to do is to provide some links to authoritative reading about living in post Brexit Spain.

Property Prices During the Brexit Process

While there are unlikely to be any major implications on buying a property a property post Brexit after 2021 (it’s important to note that this refers to buying the property, there is likely to be different implications in terms of living permanently in Spain and other important issues such as taxation), one reason people are keen to act now is to take advantage of some of the great bargains in Spain currently and to get a foothold in Spain.

The Spanish property market has been slow to recover after the recession and while some areas are beginning to show signs of recovery, it has been slow. As such, now is a great time to purchase a property in Spain. Both to benefit from the deep discounts which are available and also to ensure your place in Spain while you can.