Cheapest Place to Retire to in Spain

If you are looking for the cheapest place to retire to in Spain and the best place to purchase a property to retire, but are not yet ready for life in an expat enclave, you will find Extremadura is an exciting and interesting prospect.

Extremadura is a wonderful place to retire to in Spain. It is a large unpopulated province, however it has excellent communications and infrastructure. Long straight empty roads (which leave no doubt as to the Roman influence in this area) link the cities and just off the beaten track are some delightful villages where life has remained much the same for hundreds of years.

Cheapest Place to Retire to in Spain

Extremadura is the cheapest place to buy property in Spain. Therefore it represents awesome value for money if you are looking for the cheapest place to retire to in Spain. The low property prices means your pension will go further by not having to pay rent – and low property prices also means you can buy a property and renovate to create the house of your dreams.  

Extremadura offers some amazing property bargains in Spain and remains largely undiscovered by international property buyers. Many people (including some Spanish) are hard pressed to locate Extremadura on the map, yet it shares many of the highlights of inland Andalucia (but without the price tag).

Our Featured Property is a great example of the type of property available in Extremadura for a bargain price. A property such as this would be ideal if you are looking for a large grand property with potential, or if you are considering looking for somewhere you can supplement your pension by, for example, running a B&B or AirB&B. It would also lend itself to a Casa Rural.

Cost of Living in Extremadura

This is an area where there are very few foreigners and tourists, therefore the prices remain for locals and are not inflated to cater for the tourist trade or international residents with deeper pockets. Buy a coffee for a euro or an evening meal for the price of a MacMeal on the coast.

The cost of living in Extremadura is among the lowest in Spain – it is 43% more expensive to live in Madrid to Extremadura. (Source: this article is from 2015, however the trends will remain true.

Although there’s no real surprise here, as any major city is going to be a more costly place to live than somewhere which is largely rural.

However, when viewing cost of living statistics, it’s relevance is going to depend hugely on a person’s particular circumstances.

What Does Extremadura Offer Retirees?

Extremadura is an exciting opportunities. As we mentioned above, this is not the place for you if you are looking to live in an expat enclave or international gated community. If, on the other hand, you are ready for another adventure and to explore the ‘real’ Spain, full of Spanish culture and history, Extremadura has lots to offer.

Visit Caceres, where Game of Thrones (season 7) was filmed or the Roman ruin-filled city of Merida.

Experience some of the best bird watching in Europe or go stargazing where the lack of population means that there are wonderful places to visit for astronomy.

Go picking wild asparagus in the spring and, if you know what you are doing, hunt down delicious mushrooms in autumn.

There are plenty of interesting things happening throughout the province for the active retiree to enjoy.

Temple of Diana, Merida, Extremadura

Extremadura is a wonderful province, packed full of history and culture. You will find the influence of the Roman Empire all over the province from the straight roads through to the well preserved Roman theatres and buildings.

Many of the Roman theatres are opened during the summer months for plays and operas, offering a unique experience to watch something in the same environment and on the same benches as Romans two thousand years ago.

The history in Extremadura isn’t just about the Romans. You will also find more modern history is dotted around the province, including landmarks of the Napoleonic Wars.

Image result for sharpes company richard sharpe

Fans of the Sharpe books, will recognise Badajoz from the siege of Badajoz in ‘Sharpe’s Company‘.

Some of the scenes of the major battles and skirmishes of the Napoleonic wars are marked with regular reenactments which provide a moving tribute to the soldiers of many countries who fought and lost their lives.

Image result for napoleonic wars extremadura

Retire In Rural Spain Village vs Countryside

When people are looking to buy property in inland Spain, many people are thinking about purchasing a cute little finca off the beaten track.

However, when looking to retire in inland Spain, this may not always be the best option. While remote properties in the country offer peace and solitude, people living there are also dependent on transport. Roads may be little more than dirt tracks and rubbish may need to be transported to collection points weekly.

Therefore, village properties may be a much better alternative. The small villages in Extremadura are rural and remote, yet most are within an easy drive of a larger town with good healthcare and facilities.

Living in a village, you are never far from small shops and services, yet shut the front door and head out to your patio and garden, and you are in your own world. Check out our featured property for a great example.


When looking to retire to Spain, healthcare is something that is likely to be a priority. Again, Extremadura hits the spot here too. Unlike some of the more populated towns and provinces, it is possible (and normal) to see a doctor any day, the hospitals (both private and Spanish health service) are modern and well featured.

There is a useful article here from A Place in the Sun Magazine about the healthcare system in general in Spain, and this holds true for Extremadura.

With the advent of Brexit, the situation with regards to healthcare has changed. For up to date information, check out the UK Government site here for more detail.

Getting To Extremadura

While Extremadura is off the beaten tourist track, it is relatively easily accessible depending on which part of the province you are based. The south of the province is within a 90 minute drive of Seville airport and Madrid airport is a couple of hours drive from the north east of the province. Malaga is about three and a half hours from the south of the province. Other airports, for example Lisbon in Portugal are also convenient for people in the west of the province.

So if you are looking for the cheapest place to retire to in Spain, hopefully you will agree that Extremadura is certainly worth a look!