Extremadura Property for Sale

If you are looking to buy a property in real Spain and you are looking for Extremadura property for sale, we have some tips and advice to get you started!

Unlike other areas of Spain, Extremadura is largely unknown by international buyers. Indeed, many Spanish natives will find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is on the map (hint: look north of Seville, directly to the east of Portugal).

To put this into perspective, in the first half of 2019, when nearly 15,000 international buyers bought property in Valencia (source), only 177 purchased property in Extremadura.

This presents an amazing opportunity to get away from the expat enclaves and to become part of the real Spain which remains undiscovered by foreigners.

A side effect of the lack of international buyers is that Extremadura is also the cheapest place to buy property in Spain. While in the traditional ‘expat’ areas, the foreign investors contribute to the increase in property prices, often to a much higher level than locals can afford, in Extremadura, property prices are low and priced for locals.

But, with it being a largely unknown area for property buyers means that not only can you find some absolute bargains, you also won’t have the range of international property and real estate agents ready to sell you an off-plan property or two!

Small villages are full of character

How to Find Extremadura Property For Sale

Obviously, if you are looking for Extremadura property for sale we recommend taking a look at our featured property, which represents excellent value for money. It is being sold by English owners, which means you can ask all the questions you need to know without any fear of confusion.

You will also find Extremadura property for sale on Spanish property portals such as Kyero.

However, you may need to dig a little deeper as many of the local Extremadura estate agents do not advertise internationally. You also won’t find English translations. Although Google Translate will be your friend here, expect to see some very strange translations from time to time!

Another fact to consider is many property owners do not advertise with an agent at all, preferring to put a ‘se vende’ sign outside of the house and wait for word-of-mouth to kick into action.

A trip to the area and a drive round looking for ‘se vende’ signs is a great way to discover property gems, however this is not for the faint-hearted and will be quite an undertaking if you are not fluent in Spanish.

Types of Property for Sale in Extremadura

Extremadura is very similar to inland Andalucia (although property prices are much lower). You will find delightful townhouses packed full of original features, rural properties set in remote parts of the country, flats and apartments in the larger cities, so overlooking the plazas and square – but what you won’t find is large touristy resorts and developments!

Extremadura boasts a selection of properties ideal for development and renovation. The low cost of Extremadura property for sale means you can invest more money in creating the home of your dreams. With massive townhouses like our featured property for sale at under 250k euros (just over 200k sterling as of February 2020), the opportunities for creating a rural tourism business, running an English school, creating space for family and friends to visit etc is definitely in reach.

Buying a property in Extremadura is an exciting prospect and you will definately be part of a small yet growing band of international pioneers in this area who have lost their heart to Extremadura and make it their home.

We hope this has helped whet your appetite for buying a home in Extremadura!