Let Us Introduce You to Spain’s Secret – The Cheapest Place to Buy Property in Spain

Let us introduce you to a part of Spain which is largely unknown by international property buyers (and indeed, many Spanish people themselves), and is also the cheapest place to buy property in Spain. 

Imagine an area in Spain as far away from the ‘expat’ enclaves on the costas. Away from the big resorts where all Spanishness has been squeezed out and where English Breakfasts and boozy hen-parties are a major part of life.

Instead, imagine an area rich in real Spanish culture, where villages are still lively and thriving virtually untouched by second home buyers or large numbers of non-Spanish residents, doors are left open during the day, bars are friendly places where a coffee or a beer can be enjoyed for a euro and ‘extranjeros’ while rare, are greeted warmly.

A place where little has changed for centuries, where quality of life is higher prized than possessions, where the simple things in life are prized, yet still very much part of the 21st century.

Mérida: Extremadura

Welcome to Extremadura

This is Extremadura – a beautiful and surprising province in the south West of Spain. While Extremadura is largely unknown, the south of the province is just an hour away from Seville.

Map showing the position of Extremadura, the cheapest place to buy property in Spain
Extremadura, Spain’s secret and the cheapest place to buy property in Spain

Cheapest Place to Buy Property in Spain

Perhaps it is because of the relative unknownness of Extremadura that not only is it one of the unspoilt and underdeveloped areas in Europe, it is also the cheapest place to buy property in Spain (source INE: Figures quoted 3rd quarter 2019).

Index of property prices in Spain – third quarter 2019

Amazing properties are available in Extremadura at prices which are a half of what they would cost in some of the more costly areas of Spain (and a mere fraction of what they would cost in London and other expensive cities). This gives potential buyers looking for bargain property in Spain a wonderful opportunity to find the property of their dreams but also to live in a place which remains unspoilt and packed full of Spanish tradition.

Here, you will find enormous townhouses for sale with outbuildings and space for development for under 250k euros, you will find palacios and cortijos available for purchase at unbelievable prices.

Take a look at our featured property, for example. This massive townhouse with barns and outbuildings is for sale at 229k euros. This property is perfect for people looking to live or retire to Spain offering a fantastic family home, yet is packed full of potential for anyone looking for a business or development opportunity. 

Property Cheap in Price But Not in Quality

Another important feature of property in Extremadura is that while it is incredibly well priced, we’re not talking about the overstock of new developments which have been a fact of life on many of the coasts. Property in Extremadura is typically traditional buildings which are packed full of character.

Many properties have been already restored, however many more, such as our Featured Property, have had basic renovations done (in this case, new roofs, bathrooms etc), however which also offer a huge opportunity for further development if required.

Other property is ripe for renovation, and with a little hunting, you will find rural property available for sale for less than the cost of a new car, which is ready to renovate. Of course, it’s important to note that the cost of renovating a property – in particular a rural property off the beaten track, can soon turn a very cheap property into a costly project!

In addition to cheap townhouses, rural properties and villas, the large town in Extremadura also feature flats and apartments for sale. These range from modern apartment blocks through to feature-packed apartments and flats which surround the town plazas.

With so much to offer in the way of cheap property in Spain, Extremadura certainly has a lot to offer!

If you are looking for a cheap property in Spain, but one where the quality of life is high and the chance to live a lifestyle others dream of, then Extremadura is Spain’s secret worth exploring.