The Cheapest Townhouses for Sale in Spain

A townhouse or village house in Spain presents a great way to really experience the Spanish way of life. However, where do you find the cheapest townhouses for sale in Spain?

Many of the most desirable and authentic Spanish townhouses are set in the tiny villages and hidden away towns in Spain, unspoilt by the expat enclaves that are found on the coasts. These houses are packed full of history and character while also giving you a quality of life which is very different to that found in a more urban and built up environment.

Many townhouses are packed with original features such as this wonderful boveda ceiling and tiled floors

While you will find townhouses for sale in much of inland Spain, to find the real gems and bargains you need to hunt a little deeper. Head inland to Extremadura and you will find some amazing cheap townhouses for sale in Spain which present a unique opportunity to own part of ‘real’ Spain.

Extremadura is Spain’s secret. It is an area largely unknown by foreign buyers and is often difficult for Spanish nationals to be able to accurately pinpoint! It’s no doubt partly because the area is unexplored by international buyers that it’s also the cheapest place to buy property in Spain (source INE- Spanish Statistical Office).

Benefits of Living in a Townhouse

Townhouses are often like the Tardis machine. These look small on the outside yet open up on the inside into huge flexible living areas.

Many townhouses are just developed on the ground floor, with the upstairs ripe for development to expand into more living area or to offer as accommodation to rent (see our featured property as an example).

The downstairs accommodation is typically a flexible layout with rooms suitable for living space or bedrooms depending on the family dynamic.

Many townhouses have an external kitchen. This harks back to the not-so-distant past when people would use the external kitchen to prepare sausages and meats from the matanza.

One of the most interesting thing about Spanish townhouses is they often have lots of original features, such as boveda ceilings, hydraulic tiled floors, ceramic tiled walls etc. While these are starting to become a little rare, due to ‘renovation’ projects which rip these features out, there are still some real gems available.

Why Look for Cheap Townhouses For Sale in Spain?

There are many reasons why a cheap townhouse in Spain is a good option. First, when you purchase a low cost property it frees up capital to enjoy the other things in life or to renovate the property to create your dream home.

Extremadura shares many of the features of Andalucia, yet you will find you get so much more for your money in Extremadura (see inland property in Andalucia vs Extremadura).

A cheap townhouse also puts you in the center of traditional Spanish life. Your house is likely to be in the heart of the village. The parade for the village Saint’s day will pass your door, you will be a few meters away from the local bakery and bars, yet shut the front door and head out to your patio and you will enjoy the privacy and seclusion needed to unwind.

One feature about buying a townhouse for sale in Spain is you won’t have the same concerns that someone buying a rural property may have. Recent changes in legislation mean that it is essential to ensure that rural properties are properly documented and appear on the catastro. This is not always the case with rural properties, however with townhouses, particularly those that are several decades old (like our Featured Property), you are much more likely to find that all the paperwork regarding the building structure is correct.

Featured Property – Huge Townhouse for Sale

Take, for example, our featured property. This is a large townhouse for sale in the center of a village. As mentioned above, this would be the perfect home if you are looking for a cheap townhouse in Spain where you can quickly become part of village life.

With boveda ceilings, originally hand painted by artisans centuries ago, beautiful and original tiled floors, but with the need of some internal and external decor, our featured property represents a wonderful cheap townhouse for sale which is immediately liveable now, but with plenty of potential for development.

Unlike many townhouses, this property has many outbuildings which are perfect for further development.

These are some of the great reasons to look for townhouses for sale in Spain and if you would like to investigate further, you will find some great options here.